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            Have you been arrested or charged with a crime by either federal or state authorities, or charged with a disciplinary violation by a college or university? Do you believe your legal rights have been violated? If you answered yes to either question, you need a highly experienced attorney on your side to tirelessly fight for your exoneration and to protect your rights as soon as possible. New Haven Criminal Defense Attorney Felice Duffy and her team zealously use every resource and explore every option to defend your rights and your reputation. They fight with tenacity, commitment, creativity and a deep understanding of the judicial process to get every one of their clients the very best possible outcome.

            As a seasoned criminal trial lawyer安徽彩票快3下载 with a background in competitive athletics, Felice Duffy combines the work ethic, strategy and skill necessary to successfully defend your rights.

            Call our office today to learn how our team can help you with:

            Federal criminal defense – Defending against serious allegations on the federal level involving white collar fraud, drugs, weapons, and other charges

            State criminal defense – Handling a wide range of state-level cases from fraud to serious sex offenses and violent crimes

            College conduct code defense – Protecting college students accused of violating their school’s conduct code against serious charges such as sexual assault, hazing and drug distribution

            Title IX actions – Standing up for the rights of students and employees at educational institutions who have suffered unlawful gender discrimination, harassment, or retaliation

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            Good communication with our clients from the beginning to the end of their case is essential and we return calls and emails as soon as possible but in no case longer than 24 hours.


            We're direct with our clients and don't sugar-coat information about the facts, options, and strategies available in order to help them make the best possible decisions every step of the way.


            My team and I pay close attention to detail and diligently explore every possible option in preparing evidence and arguments on our clients' behalf.



            Felice Duffy served as an Assistant United States Attorney for ten years after beginning her legal career at two prestigious firms (one in CT and one in NY) and then clerking for two federal judges. As an undergraduate, she brought a legal action under the then-new Title IX statute against UCONN to compel the creation of its women’s varsity soccer program. She went on to become a first-team Division I All-American, was selected to be on the first U.S. National Women’s Team, and spent 10 years as Head Coach of the Yale women’s soccer team (while at the same time earning her Ph.D. in Education/Sports Psychology).

            Paul Thomas served for 18 years as an Assistant Federal Defender representing individuals charged with serious crimes throughout Connecticut. Prior to his appointment to the Federal Defender’s Office, he spent two years clerking for a federal judge and 14 years as an associate and then partner in a top Connecticut firm. He is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers and a recipient of the Champion of Liberty Award from the Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. Since 1996, Attorney Thomas has served on the Faculty of the Yale School of Medicine where he lectures on the topic of Law and Psychiatry.

            Justin Smith has 21 years of experience vigilantly defending the rights of the accused, having spent seven years as Criminal Defense Investigator both in private practice and in the Washington State Federal Defender’s Office, and 14 years here in Connecticut as a Criminal Defense Lawyer. He has extensive experience in both State and Federal criminal courts including trying several cases all the way through to jury verdict. From analyzing crime scene and forensic evidence to evaluating police reports to constructing creative legal defense theories, he brings to every case and client, regardless of the charges, the rigorous attention to detail he honed as an Investigator.




            If you’re arrested for any criminal offense, it can be hard to know where to turn for help. You may even be unsure if you actually need legal assistance for your particular charge. To protect your rights in any situation involving the federal or state criminal justice system, it’s critical to discuss your case with a criminal defense lawyer安徽彩票快3下载 who has specific experience in handling your type of case.

            When you call Duffy Law, you make contact with highly qualified criminal defense attorneys who will provide you with aggressive and effective defense representation throughout the criminal process. Our attorneys have specific qualifications that allow them to skillfully represent every client, whether it is an individual facing a state drug or weapons charge, or a white-collar fraud target accused of an intricate federal conspiracy. In either situation, Duffy Law will vigorously protect your rights.

            Our unique qualifications allow us to provide the highest quality of federal criminal defense for a wide variety of offenses

            The federal justice system takes any violation of law extremely seriously, and the federal government has the resources to mount long-lasting and intricate investigations into possible offenses. These investigations often involve authorities from several different agencies including the DEA, IRS, FBI, and ATF. During their investigations, federal authorities gather a substantial amount of evidence for the Assistant United States Attorneys to use in their case against you.

            For these reasons, it is essential that you have a law firm equipped with the right skills and to represent you in complex cases, and that which understands how federal cases differ from state-level cases.

            Attorney Felice Duffy is a former Assistant United States Attorney who knows first-hand how federal charges are pursued and how cases are built against defendants. In addition, attorney Paul Thomas is a former Assistant Federal Defender who has defended the rights of defendants in federal court for nearly two decades. Their combined years of experience ensure that Duffy Law will bring insider knowledge of the federal criminal process to every case.


            Duffy Law represents individuals and corporations facing a variety of federal allegations including:

            Anyone facing a case in federal criminal court should know that their case will differ significantly from a criminal case in state court. The following are only some of the factors unique to federal cases:

            • There are different criminal laws with often harsher penalties
            • There are often mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment in federal facilities
            • After a prison term, you will likely be subject to supervised release for a substantial period of time
            • Federal agents will be involved in your case instead of state or local police officers
            • Cases are heard by federal judges who have a lower caseload; they can dedicate more time and resources to each case and are not required to release anyone on bond
            • The good news is that a highly experienced federal criminal defense attorney can assist you in many ways. The earlier you involve a qualified lawyer安徽彩票快3下载, the better. Contact Duffy Law as soon as you suspect you may be under investigation or as soon after an arrest as possible so that we can begin to defend your rights.

            Being arrested by police and charged with a crime by a state prosecutor in Connecticut is also a highly serious matter. Authorities will often try to lay the most severe charges possible and obtain the maximum possible sentence, which can include costly fines and years in state prison. If you are not properly represented by a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with Connecticut’s criminal justice process, there may be little you can do to avoid such serious consequences.

            Fortunately, contacting Duffy Law soon after you’ve been accused of a crime can significantly increase your chances of a favorable result in your case. We regularly handle a wide range of state-level cases, including those involving the following allegations:

            No matter what type of offense you are facing, a criminal case can be complicated and confusing. Each case will involve a variety of criminal laws and procedures that can be difficult to understand. A proficient and experienced attorney will know how to navigate this complex process while building and presenting an effective defense strategy on your behalf.

            Our Connecticut defense attorneys can assist you in the following ways and more:

            • By protecting your rights in all communications with law enforcement, both during an investigation and post-arrest;
            • Representing you in bond hearings, arraignments, trials, and other court hearings;
            • Identifying whether any violations of your rights occurred that may be used in your defense;
            • Identifying any relevant legal defenses in your situation;
            • Negotiating a favorable plea agreement with the prosecutor;
            • Determining your eligibility for alternative programs that will help you avoid conviction; and
            • Determining your eligibility to have information expunged from your criminal record.
            • These are only some of the many ways you can greatly benefit from having the right legal team handling your Connecticut state criminal case.

            An experienced criminal defense lawyer安徽彩票快3下载 on your side can help you obtain a more positive result whether you’re charged in federal or state court. Attorneys Felice Duffy and Paul Thomas have extensive knowledge of the criminal system at both the federal and state levels and always protect the rights of each client with grit and determination.

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